Sharing Good Practice

Sharing good practice
Share good practice with The Campaign for Drawing.

We are inviting our many partners across the UK and around the world to document their drawing activities and share their experiences.

Why not add a case study?
If you are an artist, teacher or organiser of drawing activities in a museum, gallery, school, community or heritage setting, why not add a case study to this website?

We want to develop an extensive platform of shared experience. Help us contribute valuable new evidence to the action research programme that The Campaign for Drawing has nurtured and participated in since its launch in 2000.

Take a look at drawing
Take a look at the range of activities that have been uploaded so far.

Our aim is to support all who share an interest in the purposes and uses of drawing for learning, engagement and enjoyment.

The case studies are from: The Big Draw; Power Drawing; Special Projects run by the Campaign such as Drawing Attractions and the Drawing Inspiration Groups, part of The Learning Revolution Festival; and from International contacts who have been inspired by The Campaign for Drawing. New material will be added regularly.